Wide Pine Flooring

Wide White Pine flooring is a specialty at Good Wood. Every order is produced on specially designed machinery which results in very straight edges, which makes laying the floor easy. Shiplap and square edge flooring are available. If needed, we can match the board width and thickness of your existing floors.

Wide Pine Flooring Prices:wide pine boards ready to be made into flooring

Prices are for random length (6' to 16') per square foot of finished floor. Common practice is to order 5 to 10% more than the actual square footage to be covered to allow for fitting. You may order a single width or mixed widths. If you need to match existing floor board width or thickness, or need specific lengths, please ask for a quotation.

Nominal Width Square Edge Shiplap Edge
10" & 12" $3.25 $3.50
14" and 16" $4.25 $4.50
18" and 20" $4.75 $5.00

Prices are per square foot of finished floor.

10% discount on orders over $1000

Prices are subject to change without notice.