Hardwood Lumber

Good Wood's hardwood lumber is first air dried, then moved into our heated shop for further drying and storage. Most of our inventory is 4/4 thick (rough sawn about 1 1/8" thick, planes to 13/16" thick), though we have some thicker material available. Inventory continually changes; please contact us to see what we have in stock.

Hardwood Grades:hardwood lumber

Hardwood grades are based on the amount of the board that is clear (free from knots and other character marks).

Select and Better (Select +): At least 4" wide and 6' long. The better face is clear or nearly clear.

Number One (#1): At least 3" wide and 4' long. An intermediate grade, most economical where medium sized clear pieces are needed, or where limited character is desired.

Character: Unlimited knots and other character marks. Makes beautiful rustic flooring, paneling and cabinets.

Specialty: Exceptionally wide widths, live edge flitches, special grain figures such as curly, and spalted. Priced individually.

Hardwood Prices

Prices are per board foot, rough sawn, for 4/4 thickness.
For thicker boards add $0.25 per board foot to these prices.
Planing is available for additional cost.

Species Width Select + #1 Character

White Birch
Yellow Birch

7" and narrower $3.35 $2.35 $1.60
8" and wider $3.60 $2.60 $1.85
Basswood 7" and narrower $2.60 $1.85 $1.35
8" and wider $2.85 $2.10 $1.60
Sugar Maple 7" and narrower $3.85 $2.60 $1.65
8" and wider $4.10 $2.85 $2.00
7" and narrower $4.35 $3.10 $1.85
8" and wider $4.85 $3.35 $2.10

10% discount on orders over $1000

Prices are subject to change without notice.