We sell only log length firewood (typical length is 18 ft. with some shorter logs). Our firewood customers can choose between small-diameter logs (generally less than 10" diameter) and large-diameter logs (up to 20" diameter). Our firewood logs are carried, not dragged, from the forest to roadside. As a result, there is much less disturbance to the forest soils and damage to trees retained for more growth, and far less dulling of your chain saw when you cut the logs to stove lengths.

We sell firewood by the log truck load (about 7 cords) and log truck plus trailer load (about 12 cords.)

Firewood and delivery prices vary over time, and with trucking distance. Please contact us for a quote.

Maximum trucking distance is roughly an hour's drive from where we are harvesting, in either Chester or Springfield, Vermont. We do not send firewood further because of our concern about the potential to spread invasive forest insects. Our firewood is trucked by an independent trucker.

long length firewood ready to sell