Custom Sawing and Planing

Do you have your own logs that you want sawn into lumber, or boards that you want planed and/or edged or shiplapped? We are happy to offer these services when the work can fit into our schedule.

Please note that logs and lumber must be clean (dirt is very hard on saw blades and planer knives!) If a saw blade or planer knives are damaged by hidden objects in your logs or boards, there will be a replacement charge. And it is amazing what is sometimes found in logs: nails, barbed wire, clothes line pulleys, rocks, horseshoes, even glass electric insulators!

New for 2014: We've rebuilt and installed a 1985 vintage industrial duty 24" planer. This machine is faster than our old planer and gives an even better surface finish. We've also built a custom-designed edger to work with the sawmill. With its laser guidelines, this machine improves the yield and quality of the lumber produced from the logs, and also increases the production rate.

We do not offer portable sawmill service; all logs must be transported to our mill. We can unload trucks and trailers.

Custom Sawing and Planing Prices: unloading logs to mill

Sawmill: $85/hr, $85 minimum

Planing and edging: $75/hr, $25 minimum